Sunday, May 30, 2010

sunday, sunday love

hello hello:)
last week was a busy one, and i didn't have time to pay attention to my blog:(
i have started my driving lessons!! can't wait to have my license! :)
i've spend a wonderful week, with friends and family.
Wednesday i went to a ''lost finale party'' at a friend's house:) i and some friends watched together lost final episode.. i had lots of fun! and i actually liked the final episode, i went with very low expectations, and i actually liked it! after the episode we continued to discuss lost theories! it was very funny:p
Thursday i went to Snow Patrol and Muse concert! it was awesome!!! Muse is such a good band, i love them since i was a teen, and they made an epic concert! and Snow Patrol, was very beautiful, they are very good too:)

today i'm feeling inspired by...

here you have some videos of the concert and others things:)

this is their new song for the film eclipse

i'm also inspired by cute paper messages!

And summer colors!!!:D

see you later!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

sunday morning inspiration

good morning cyberspace!
it's sunday, and i'm almost in vacation!
and today, with no work (because its sunday! yay), i'm going to the beach! i'm going to watch my sister surfing, and take some pictures, with my nikon and my Diana:D

my inspiration for today:
this video i found in lisa like's blog, made by her:)

Stop Motion Test from Lisa Rucker on Vimeo.

very sweet and simple :)

beautiful pink bikes!

I'm in the mood for soft bright colours:)

This cute illustreation

yesterday i catch Notting Hill, in the TV, i loved de film again(i already had seen it;) it's a very simple film, and already a classic in the romantic gender;) i like it! to view full size image

It's all for now:)

see u later!


Friday, May 21, 2010

lovely friday with sun

(i love color me katie photos)
It's friday! and tomorrow i'm thinking in go to the beach for the first time this year!
it's doing such a good weather, with lots of hot sun, i really need a sea bath, with some friends, and maybe take some photos with my lomo, i'm not using her as i should!:p i need to take more pictures:)
next week is Muse's concert... i'm thinking of it.. but it's very expensive, snow patrol is in the schedule for the same day..:) i love Muse, did i already share that?

sooo let me see what i have in my hat today to inspire the weekend;)

first of all, i must share with you, my love for popsicle ice-creams since i was a little girl, i'm an ice-cream lover:p and yesterday i found this amazing popsicle shop, popbar, via simplesong:)looks awesome, and yumi!
i'm also in love with UO Oxford Street, London, store window, very cool, do you like the colors? i'm in love!:)

this weekend is Lost finale! oh my god! i can't believe it's almost finished... i will miss this serie:/ i found some lost related things to share, in honour of J.J.Abrams beloved series;)
ehehe very cool this dharma cigarettes:p

i love garden dinners or lunches! found via frolic

well it's all for now:)

see you later!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

♥ loves in the morning
good morning!
today if i have time i want to go to the cinema! there's a lot of good films to watch! and i seriously want a starbucks! i don't have one for almost a week now! and i'm really addicted to them! ehehe cooooffffeeeee
i am still searching some some new job in graphic design, i'm sure i will find something amazing and perfect for me! i'm almost in vacations! can't wait!!
today i'm feeling inspired by...
Owen Glidersleeve design work :)

this little Portuguese book publisher , Orfeu Negro! they have amazing books:)
like this one, to do strange animals! (you can see how it works in the gif image!)

Planeta Tangerina is another Portuguese publisher, that i found and love! they have amazing illustrations:)

i love this video, made by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, to promote a music by she & him and the movie 500 days of summer

have a nice day!♥ ♥
see you tomorrow!


Monday, May 10, 2010

morning monday!♥

hello there!
i have no work today! soo i can take a walk, and today i'mpicking up my starbucks and going to a book fair! i love books!
this week i'm going to do some more book covers to my portfolio, when i finish it, i'll post the link here!:)

now i have some goodies to inspire your and my monday!;)

see you later!

kiss* kiss*

Thursday, May 6, 2010

thursday lazy lovly morning

good morning!
todayyy i want to be home and have a lazy lazy day! i have the princess and the frog dvd to watch, and i'm thinking in buying some candies to ''join me'' while i watch the film:)

and now, some inspiring things for your day!♥

see you later alligator!