Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday/wednesday post in a busy busy week

good night!
finally i have some time to make a quick post!
I am working in a cinema festival, Indie independent film festival of Lisbon:) And it's been awesome! i have met a lot of people, and new films and director's, it has been a crazy week, with lot's of new things! when i get more time, i will make a bigger post, with maybe some of the festival films, and other interesting things i've found this week...
for now i have some little inspiring images and some funny too!

I have this pretty song in my head today!

i'm also in love with this gorgeous hair accessories from i've found in black Eiffel!
the model is, A Fine Frenzy lead singer:) she has the prettiest hair i've ever seen! i want to have my hair with that colour some day!

i'm in love with Blanca Gómez art!

and i found this funny funny parody with star wars toys!

well.. i need to go now! but maybe tomorrow i have some free time to post some more cute things!

see you later*


Sunday, April 18, 2010

sunday afternoon loves

hello hello:)
long time no see... i really need to start posting a lot more:p
for the next 2 weeks, i'm going to work in the indie cinema festival! it's the independent film festival of Lisbon! i'm soooo happy! i haven't take a real look at the festival schedule, but when i do, i will make a post about some of the films that look interesting to me:)
i have also a poster for the french film festival to do.. and i need some inspiration for it... so i'm starting to watch some french films, the first was Coco avant Chanel, with Audrey Tautou, the film is nothing special, but i like it anyway:) i love Audrey, and her outfits, the colours and the light in the film are beautiful!

this past week i have found some cute videos i want to share!

like this one with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it's like a special video for the presentation of 500 days of summer :)
i really love this film!

this presentation of Alice in Wonderland ebook for ipad almost makes my want to buy one.. almost, cause i still prefer to have books than computer files to read on a screen...:)

and finally i want just to refer the blog of Lisa Like's, wish i found in past week and inspired me! she has such cute outfits! take a look if you want:)

that's all for now..

see you later alligator ;p


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

morning faves

good morning:)
today i have some favourites to share!;)
Sunday i watch for the first time the film The notebook, who, by facebook, should be my film;) and i really loved it! it's very very beautiful i cried a lot:p ehehe i never expected to like it, cause i usually don't like this, very lame, time of films, but when they are good i really love them.... cause sometimes i'm very lame and very romantic;)
here you have some pics and the trailer of the film ♥

i found this little stopmotion video by Chloe Elise and fell in love with it!

i am really fascinated by this posters created by Laz Marques, they are really awesome:) he has much more, take a look at he's site!

i want to make a cake like this onee!!!
how to: rainbow cake!
how to: rainbow cake!how to: rainbow cake!
how to: rainbow cake!

i want to do a spring party!

see you later*
have a nice day!


Friday, April 2, 2010

friday sweet night
good night!
it's almost Easter, and i have tried to do some macaroons to offer sunday to my family... but it didn't happen very well... i thing i fail in the mix part.. and i blow it totally... mix tastes very good.. but it was too liquid to do the macaroons.. so i made a small cake with it:p
i will think in another thing to offer;)
i went to a lovely concert this week, Stacey Kent a jazzy singer;) she is a lovely person, and has the most sweet voice! i loved it! and the saxophonist is her husband, they look very romantic together :)
here you have a live video, of one of my favourite songs, from her new album, Raconte-Moi:)

Easter is arriving, and i have some pretty inspiring things to share:)
like this d.i.y egg from poppytalk!

very cute, isn't it??

some rabbitss!

i have also found this beautiful animal photos by Sharon Montrose:) you can also buy then in her Etsy shop :) found bia Black Eiffel

see you tomorrow!