Friday, December 25, 2009

night before xmas!

Merry Christmas!!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas day 22

good night!
xmas is near and i got my moms present!!:D
My 2010 calendar is almost finished, and the gift tags for my presents too:D

Today my xmas post will be about Disney Christmas Silly Symphonies! i have 2 to share!

i looooveeee disney classic shorts!

2 days for xmas!*

Monday, December 21, 2009

December day 21!!

Hellooo! i'm sorry i miss a lot of christmas days this past week:p
i had a lot of things to do, and i didn't have time for blogging...
Today is the first day of WINTER! yes, winter has finally arrived! and this week has been sooo cold.. i almost thought that we could have a little snow storm.. but it didn't happen.. i'm still waiting and wishing a white christmas!;) ehehe
I have been busy doing xmas shopping too! i have only too more presents to find, one for my mom, and one for my uncle... i don't know what to buy.. i'm thinking in a book for my mom and a cd for my uncle, or a chocolate perhaps:)

i have some xmas goodies that i want to share!! some christmas music, and inspiring ideas!

Christmas lights, and photoshoots with them!

sufjan stevens, and his christmas Album!

and finally Nat king Cole song, all i want for christmas is my two front teeth! this is one of my favorite xmas songs! its soo cute and funny:)

4 days for xmas! yay!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas day 14

good night!
Today is my mother's birthday! and i have spend the day with her, we had lunch together and some shopping:) it was a cute day! happy birthday mom!!:)
Now i'm going to have dinner with her and the rest of the family!


Friday, December 11, 2009

christmas day 11

Good night everyone:)
this week has been full of work and some fun too, and that's why i miss christmas day 9 and 10:p
I have been busy, finishing my portfolio, it's almost ready to go online, and then i'm going to search for an intern-ship, in graphic design, i can't wait for that...!

It's Christmas and i really love the streets decorated with lights and worm colours, the Santa clause, the green and the red, the Christmas flowers, and the cold!
I have some awesome photos to post, photos from i.Anton flickr, photos of streets and christmas decorations! the one in the beginning is from i.Anton too, it's my beloved London in xmas!




Christmas in Europe is Beautiful!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas day 8
good night everyone!
today is 8th of December, and i already have begun my xmas shopping! i already have three presents! And tomorrow i will go to some crazy stores in down town to find some more presents;) I also like some things that i have found in the internet... i love xmas shooping in the internet too, some things we can only find in there..:p some of the most original presents.. i suggest fredflare, etsy, donkey products, urban outfitters or UO UK, The Book Depository, Amazon or Amazon Uk, and Ebay or Ebay Uk of course;)
i am falling in love this mugs, that i found in the internet, in Donkey products... i think it would be a perfect present for my cousins! they will love it!

for my little cousin, i'm thinking in Sylvanian Families, but i don't know what to choose!!!

The Kitties Fisher Family...
Fisher Cat Family - Ref: 59F

or the cream cat family
they have grandparents too!!
Keats Cat Grandparents - Ref: 58GP

the chocolate bunny family!
the doughty dog family!
Doughty Dog Family - Ref: 66F

the Hawthorn family!

the Mulberry Raccoon Family is soooo cute!!

The walnut family!

I don't know which family to choose... when i decide i tell you;)

xmas kisses*

xmas day 7 (at 1.00 am of day 8;p)
good night!
today i want to make a quick little post about charlie brown's christmas film! i need to see this film, cause it's a xmas classic and i didn't watch it yet...;)
here you have a small video from it!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

christmas day 6

hello there!
I miss xmas day 4 and 5... i'm sorry but i didn't have time :)
sunday, and a really rainy one... today is raining a lot, and i went to a mall to make some xmas shopping, it was terrible, because it was full of people..
This will be a little post, and to finish it i just want to make reference to the lovely "merry xmas" illustration in the beginning, by Camilla Engman, one of my favorite illustrators:) take a look at her site.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas day 3
good night!!!
today i'm just going to do a quick quick little post! cause i really have to go sleep:)
Just to share this cute winter photos from Sally Scott Winter Catalogue! found it in simple song:)
The site has some videos too, its a cool way to make a cute winter outfits catalogue, i love the colours and the clothes!:)

kiss*kiss* dahlings

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


hello hello, good night:)
i'm very happy with the arrive of December, i love this time of the year.. i love to do the xmas tree (already have one in my room and one in the dinner room), maybe i post some photos of it in a next post:) i love to buy and do presents for my friends and family, to make cookies with my best friend, and this year some cupcakes too, we are thinking in it for the next week:)
I really love to have cosy dinners in my friends houses, the fire place... the hot chocolate, the cold! i really love the Winter weather and xmas time, soo today i will post some xmas trees;)!!

some xmas trees...

elsie cake´s pez xmas tree, is amazing!it the cuteste and the coolest idea ever!:D the photo in the beginning of this post is from elsie too:)
found in design is mine

found in creature conforts

this wooden xmas trees, i found in elsie cake's blog, they are from wood & wool stool:)

this little ones, are very cute:) found in clumsy bird

it's all for today, i'm going to try to make a sort of 24 for days of xmas;) i already miss one:p but i'm going to try to make it anyway!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

it's a book post!

hello hello!
it's saturday, and today is sooo cold! I finally can use my ear-muffins:) today i think i'm going out and take some winter inspired photos:) (by the way, the photo in the beginning is from abbytrysagain).
My last week of vacation, has been nice, i went to the cinema, with a friend of mine to see... New moon! yes i admitted...i'm guilty..:p, i have go out with friends, yesterday i went to an Egyptian bar, and smoke some apple flavoured narguilla, narguilla is a typical water pipe where you can taste different flavour tobacco, yesterday i tasted apple, but my favourite is the jasmine and rose one:)

Today i have some books to show to you:) i'm thinking in them for xmas, some of them to give, some of them for me;)
i have already post about this classics collection from penguin... but i can't resist... ehehe i'm thinking in this one to a friend of mine:) Film-Making 01: Producing
This too are for me:p i want to study cinema, and this book, seams a good choice for me to begin, i'm thinking in go to the university next year:) i'm a graphic designer already, but i really dream about study cinema:)
i also want this book! i already have the Love Letters from great Women, know i need this one, Love Letters from great Man! it's a very cute and romantic book;) totally me!
This book seams to be very funny! i think me and my mom, will laugh a lot with it!;)

And know the design books;) muahaha
This one looks cool!
This one is a completely must have book for me!!

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be
And finally i think i need this one, too... i think it's perfect for me or maybe to some of my friends too :D

You can find all of this books, in Amazon, or in Book Depository.. i'm more fan of Book Depository because it's worldwide free delivery;)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

morning morning

good morning:)
I'm still in vacations:)this is my last week without work... and it's the last week of november too;) and i love december, so i'm not sad;) eheh
the today goodies are...

ColorMeKatie photos!i love her photos, take a look at her Fun Album! it's amazing!:)

death cab for cutie, i have been listening to them.. i think i have already post about them, but i want to post again ;p here you have ''cath'' music video:)

This video doesn't have nothing special, but i like the music, i think it says a lot, about those people who live their lives thinking about the best and socially accepted perfect life, and them feel empty because of that. i think that sometimes, we need to act impulsive or with the heart, and don't be afraid of feeling or go to the unknown:)

i need also post this! it the two cutest thanksgiving idea of all time! found in black eiffel:)

well, have a nice day!! ;)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

cosy saturday

hello hello:)
today is, cosy and rainy, saturday, the perfect day to go to the cinema;) And lucky me, there's a lot of cool films to go see:D maybe i went to see Julie & Julia with my sister, she may like it, or maybe i went to see New York I love you, i really want to see that one:)
Yesterday, i went to some indie stores with a friend, and i found some cuties!!
Like this...
isn't it adorable!??:D

Also found this!
it's the "Royaltea"! i think this will make an awesome present for my uncle! eheh the camera and this are from donkey products:)

I also found in flickr. this amazing photographer, Katherine Elizabeth
The photo in the beginning of the post is also hers, She is very talented:)

well, i need to go now!
see you later