Monday, November 29, 2010

hello, good night:)
I found some cute things i want to share!
I've been in love with Sufjan Stevens new album! this all week!
second! xmas!!! is coming:D it's absolutely one of my favourite times of the year!
I really love all the lights, and cozy decorations, lots of hot chocolate or tea with cookies! all the xmas typical food, cant wait to begin my xmas shopping:)
Well here are some cute things to inspire:)

my favourite music of Sufjan Stevens new album:)(made and found at for me, for you)

Futile Devices from karmaticoma on Vimeo.

batman card
Gemma Correl!! i love her illustrations
This photos by Christian Tagliavini are soo awesome! i found them in Black Eiffel
This pillow cases i found in poppytalk are sooo cute!

i really want lovee in my live this xmas! al kinds of it!:D

see you later!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

hello there!
this past weeks has been soo crazy! i went to a new work, finally! i'm working has a graphic designer!! i'm very happy with it:D i'm working very hard to become part of the team in 3 months (that's the time for my intership / experience time):)
I'm starting to feel the xmas mood coming!;)
today i've lost an arcade fire concert, cause it was cancelled :( but i'm shore they will come again next year! i've been really in love with their new album since summer!:)

the things i want to share today are:

1st the Anthropology penguin classic books for children! they are sooo beautiful! i want to collect them!:)

2nd this 2 videos from a live concert of arcade fire:)

3rd random images!

4th calendars! i need to start my 2011 calender! and i found this inspiring ones:)

and for now it's all:)
see you later!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

hello! morning!
Yesterday i went to a vintage fair:D it was sooo cool! they sell all kinds of things there! when i say all kinds.. it's really everything they want! i saw even old shoes, and rusty things, medicine, old telephones, old cameras, old dresses, grandma's glasses, its amazing!:D
I'm feeling very inspired today!the weather is cozy, and Autumn is everywhere now! i will start painting a canvas for my room:) i think today is perfect to begin! and later at night i have a concert of broken social scene! can't wait! i really love their music:) it will be a great concert i'm sure!

I'm feeling inspired by..
Lissy Elle photography!

this film!

have a nice sunday!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hello there!
November has arrived, and the cold too!! i'm very happy, i miss the winter already!:)
Today, was a very important day for me:) i started my internship in graphic design! I'm officially a graphic designer!:) Someday i hope i can make book covers! it's my passion in design.. editorial design is my favourite! i love books and magazines! i will absolutely love to work in this area!♥ i'm going to fight for that;)

And now.. some inspiration has always!:)

View-Master is awesome!!:D

I'm sooo sooo in love with Tara Mcpherson's illustrations!:)

Time lapse painting of 'Safety of Water' by Tara McPherson from Tara McPherson on Vimeo.

this cute cute video of Taza and husband:)

Postcards From Italy from ForYouLoveMe on Vimeo.

see you tomorrow!