Sunday, September 27, 2009

sunday loves!

hi there*
it's sunday, and i want to share a couple of things, that inspired my day...

1st. the beautiful photos of Gwendolyn kraehenfuss...
copyright by Gwendolyn Kraehenfuss

2.This sunday afternoon old movie!
i have some lame moments ehehe

3.i'm very excited with...
Fantastic Mr. Fox!! i love stop motion films, and this one, is from a director that i like a lot, Wes Anderson. i think it come to cinemas in October...can't wait!:D

thats all for now:)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

beautiful songs and films!

hi hi there!
this is my first post of this week:p and the week is almost finished... shame on me!
This has been a lovely week:) to be perfect i only need cold weather... i'm really tired of hot weather, i really miss the cold, and the cozy days of Autumn and Winter...
This week i went to the cinema, to watch Inglorious Bastards!This is absolutely a must go to the cinema film :D

I really like Quentin Tarantino's films:)

Another thing i wanna share, is Au revoir Simone a girls band that i discover this past week and just fall in love with... the good think is that they are doing a concert next week in my city!!

They are so lovely, i love the music, it makes me remember, in some ways, another band that i love Broken Social Scene, or a little bit of Air...

I also found a new song from Death Cab For Cutie, a band that i like a lot:) This new song, meet me on Equinox, is from the upcoming film New Moon.
The next video isn't a videoclip, it's just a static image with the song:)

And now something different to finish this saturday post:)
This paint made by miss Elsie Cake!
You can buy it on her store Red Velvet Art:)
I really like this indie artist, and her group of friends of red velvet art:) it's very very cute!

It's all for now:)
Tomorrow i have to post some cute and lovely Autumn outfits that i found in some online stores:)


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday night is love..

it's saturday night... saturday is magic.. because the next day, is sunday, and it means (for the major people) that you don't have work or school, you can do whatever you want and spend all the time you want doing it!:) i love saturdays! and this awesome Illustrations by Blanca Gomez, Cosas Minimas.
Hope you like them too, and if you did like, take a look at her site!
Have a nice night


Thursday, September 17, 2009

"stay at home day"

hi there.
another vacation day at home, doing my portfolio, drinking some tea, listening Oren Lavie music and thinking of eat some chocolate fondue...

like this one which i found in a chocolaterrie in Picadilly street, London.. wish i could remember the name of it...

This Oren Lavie music is perfect :D

Maybe later i went to the cinema with some friends to watch Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards, i'm a big fan of Tarrantino's films:)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Monday..

yellow hello!
It's monday.... it means that i only have one more week of vacations.... at the moment i wish i had more 3 weeks! time runs.. :/
Today i'm very happy! i found a new coffee shop in the historical part of my city!
I'm a coffee lover, and this coffee shop is like Starbucks(starbucks <3):D I love cappuccino, caffe latte, american coffees, hot chocolate... and the interior of this coffee shop is very cosy:) i think this will be a cute space to drink hot chocolate and coffee in the winter!:) My day wasn't really exciting... i have wake up earlier, to have breakfast with a friend of mine, (that's how i found the coffee shop), i love to have breakfast out with friends! Then i came home, and stay, the rest of the day in front of the computer, trying to work in my web portfolio... it was a lazy day:) At the moment, I really miss the Autumn, sooooo today i'm in love with things that makes me remember Autumn... things like....

This Belle and Boo's Autumn Illustration!!
And the school start!!!
I really miss school... and if i have a "school start" this year i would love to...

1*Have this amazing Wizard of Oz lunch-box!!! i found it in Camden Market! you can also buy it in Amazon:)

Wizard of Oz Lunch Box (Rectangular)

2*This beautiful origami-paper patterned notebooks from etsy, would be lovely to write the lessons..

3*i'm also in love with this awesome USB glasses! from fredflare :D

4* I love the colours of Autumn leaves! this stickers from pinktwilight etsy shop are so lovely!

5*I would also be very happy with this coloured tape, pencils, and the funny spyro gyro pen, all from fredflare!!

<--spyro gyro pen! 6*and to get in time for classes... this beautiful vintage Grandpa's pocket watch necklace from Urban Outfitters would certainly help :D

7*Finally, to wear in the first day of school i would choose this American Eagle's plaid pleated skirt!
this is my monday goodies for now!... or Tuesday 2 am goodies:p
have a nice night * *


Friday, September 11, 2009

London i miss you

Good night everyone!
Today I have begun my web portfolio, I really need to do it and finish it during the next week, because I need and want a new job in graphic design or something artistic... I'm tired of working in a store, and I have study, I am a graphic designer so, it's time to use my skills! :p

Let's finished yesterdays post!
London loves!

magma store! I found it in Covent Garden and I've really fall in love with it! it's an Indie store with lot's of different things

photos from

I have bought 2 wallpapers and a pencil case for my little sister:)
The pencil case and one of the wallpapers are from Sukie
this is one of the two wallpapers
and this is the pencil case that I bought to my sister:)
this is the mix and match stationery that i should bought but i didn't :p eheh
Sukie has amazing and awesome things! take a look at the site!

I need to show this t-shirt too...
I adore it, and didn't resist to buy it in Urban Outfitters in Covent Garden:)

You must see Camden Town! it's awesome! the most cool place!

It's all for today, tomorrow I will post more about my London trip:)
Just one little thing! You must go to the National Gallery, British Museum and Natural History Museum it's really amazing and awesome!!


London I love you!

I'm back from a wonderful week in London! And I have to say that I'm in love with this city...
London is one of the most coolest places I know! I really feel like home in there, I am actually thinking about study cinema there in next year perhaps.. :)
I have a lot of cool and lovely things to show, but it's 2.52 am and I really need to sleep...
Soooo tomorrow I will make a mega post!:)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

movies and books books and films

hello hello!*
September has finally arrived! I love Autumn, I love the colours of the falling leaves, in some way Autumn is a begin, because it's when you return to work, or to school to a new year, some times to a new school, to meet new friends:)
I really miss school sometimes, I finished college about 1 year and a half ago, and I really miss it... I'm thinking of study cinema next year, it's a dream of mine, work in cinema:)
So today I would like to share some cinema with you ;)

Last Sunday I went to see Public Enemies, with the all mighty Johnny Depp, I really like johnny Depp he's a great actor, and this film is very good, take a look at the trailer!;)

I've fall in love with the hair style of Marion Cotillard in the movie, I'm thinking of doing the same hair style:p so simple and pretty...don't you think?

and need to post this picture too:

I love this photo of Johnny Depp has Rrose Selávy (found in

And I would also like to share penguin's cloth bound classics book collection!
I'm really in love with this patterned book-covers... (found it in you are my fave, and in Design Sponge).
Coralie bickford-smith has designed this wonderful patterned book-covers, take a look at her site, she designs really beautiful book-covers!
I really need to have wuthering heights by Emily Brontë, and Jane Austen classics, Emma in particular, I have never read it and it's on my must read books list:)

It's all for today!