Monday, September 27, 2010


hello, 'morning!!
Autumn has finally arrived!! I'm very happy! i really love this season, it's my birthday season btw;)
I'm expecting some news from a possible new work, and sending more curriculum to other companies expecting to find a new job in my area, graphic design:)
I'm also thinking in make some crafts with a friend of mine to sell in Etsy, to make some extra money and to have fun, doing a creative thing! i always loved crafts, since i was a little girl, sometimes in Christmas i make some presents myself for family and friends:)
Well, today i'm feeling inspire by Autumn Colours and weather, the return to school, and Best Coast Music!:D

Best Coast! i'm in love with their music!:)

this video by olivia bee with their music is very cute:)

Autumn colours!!

for a new year of school ^^
Bird and Books - Gocco Screen-Printed Lined Notebook
this pencil sharpener camera is awesome!!:D

starwars pen drivers!!! geekest and cutest!

well, it's all for now!:)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

sunday night

Good night!!
It's sunday! Today i went to a little village near my city to visit some family, it was cute but i spend part of the day at sun light... and the sun was very hot today.. soo i'm very lazy now... and i need to study to my driving exam... and i don't want to.... hum, maybe a cup of tea would help;)

today i'm feeling inspired by ♥ . . .
Marc Jacobs pencils! Pencils

This really really cute video:)

Buildings & Vampires from Nico Casavecchia on Vimeo.

and this one of Gemma Correll :D i want to have a wall like this one in my bedroom!

i'm starting to become obsessed with getting this camera! i'm soo in love with her! i first saw it in Elsie's Blog, and fall in love with the mini polaroids! they are really really cute!

and it's all for now!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good night!
today i'm very tired...i'm in chill out mode, i just want to watch a film with a cup of iced tea, and then sleep to work tomorrow morning! tomorrow is friday! i have a birthday party and after maybe a drink in a bar and lots of talk:) it's a birthday party from an old friend long time no see:)
oh i almost forgot... i bought an Ipod! and i'm very happy with him! it has lots of space to my music, and even make films!:D

i have some goodies to love and inspire!

i love this quote from Tim Burton's Alice:)

i'm always in love with Clare Owen's illustrations!

i'm really in love with this coat from UO Autumn/Winter collection!!

This Zooey Deschanel vintage photoshoot is gorgeous!

well it's all for now!
see you later:)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hello there!!
Long time since my last post :) i'm sorry but i have been in vacations and in the past weeks i've been very buzzy!
But here am i! back! and ready for Autumn!!! i love summer, but Autumn is one of my favourite seasons :) i love the Autumn colours! the cold, the leaves! and many more things:)
one of the things i miss the most is school! i really miss to have classes! and school works to do... i'm planing to do a master!

some goodies i found and love!

first. the cutest alphabet ever! (found in lisa's likes)

2nd, Amélie Poulin! i love her!

and her pig light!

3rd. the new video by Deftones, sextape. i'm in love with the music and the video is very beautiful:)

4th. letterpress... i would love to have one... maybe in xmas ;p

Letterpress Amy from Fish & Crown on Vimeo.


Letterpress Amy from Fish & Crown on Vimeo.

well, its all for now!
have cute drems!
see you later:)