Monday, September 27, 2010


hello, 'morning!!
Autumn has finally arrived!! I'm very happy! i really love this season, it's my birthday season btw;)
I'm expecting some news from a possible new work, and sending more curriculum to other companies expecting to find a new job in my area, graphic design:)
I'm also thinking in make some crafts with a friend of mine to sell in Etsy, to make some extra money and to have fun, doing a creative thing! i always loved crafts, since i was a little girl, sometimes in Christmas i make some presents myself for family and friends:)
Well, today i'm feeling inspire by Autumn Colours and weather, the return to school, and Best Coast Music!:D

Best Coast! i'm in love with their music!:)

this video by olivia bee with their music is very cute:)

Autumn colours!!

for a new year of school ^^
Bird and Books - Gocco Screen-Printed Lined Notebook
this pencil sharpener camera is awesome!!:D

starwars pen drivers!!! geekest and cutest!

well, it's all for now!:)


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