Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good night!
today i'm very tired...i'm in chill out mode, i just want to watch a film with a cup of iced tea, and then sleep to work tomorrow morning! tomorrow is friday! i have a birthday party and after maybe a drink in a bar and lots of talk:) it's a birthday party from an old friend long time no see:)
oh i almost forgot... i bought an Ipod! and i'm very happy with him! it has lots of space to my music, and even make films!:D

i have some goodies to love and inspire!

i love this quote from Tim Burton's Alice:)

i'm always in love with Clare Owen's illustrations!

i'm really in love with this coat from UO Autumn/Winter collection!!

This Zooey Deschanel vintage photoshoot is gorgeous!

well it's all for now!
see you later:)


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