Tuesday, October 26, 2010

hi there!
I don't have much news to share... tomorrow i'm going to a lomographic event:) the mystery product event! in the lomographic society! they will release a new product, and it's a secret! i'm very excited and curious about it! tomorrow i will find out what it is!:)
It's almost Halloween!:) Halloween is soo much fun!
i have some inspiring things i love today!
Autumn colours, cute pumpkins, music, videos about typography!


This music from kap bambino has been in my mind this past 2 days!

and to finish, i have 3 interviews to 3 type designers:) found in Design Sponge!
Has a graphic designer i found this very interesting, i think i would like it even i if wasn't a designer! ;)

hope you like it!
see you later!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

hello there!
yesterday was my birthday:D and it was a very cute day! i spend the day with my family, dinner also, and then i spend the night with my friends:)
This year i want to make some goals! (this goals are inspired by Elsie Flannigan 4 goals post)
The first one: is to be more positive, and stop complaining all the time, about things and people.. i really need to be more positive i think it would make me a better and happier person:)
The second one is: to thrust myself:) i need to be more confident! to thrust my work and capacities:)
The third one: be less stressful, be more calm and balanced:) take more time to do things and not try to do them all at the same time:)
The fourth one is to be a more creative person! to use my imagination with no limits! to do more artistic projects!
I think this is what i really need to do if i want to be a better person and a happier one!

i have some inspiration to share now!;)

I'm in love with this song for a while now! i need to share it!:) ♥


see you later!♥


Friday, October 22, 2010

bday girl ♥

hello there!
Today it's my birthday! yay! and i'm watching Charlie and Lola in tv.. i'm feeling happy and childish:p later i'll make a bigger post with lots of news, and goodies to share! i've been very buzy this last weeks for some good reasons!:)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

hello there!
Autumn as definitely arrived! it's more cold and today was a cozy rainy day:) I'm happy! ehehe
I have been sick in the past 3 days, but i'm better now:) my nose still look like an open faucet, but hopefully it will be normal in the next days!;)

today i'm in love with:)
Fiona Apple music!:)

and i'm addicted to this music...;)

and this one too..:)

i also love the ''living in'' posts of Design*Sponge like this one about living in young victoria

or this living in Ámelie! i love it:)

i love the blog rockstar diaries! taza and husband and the cutest couple ever! and they have the funniest and cutest photos:D
their mini instax photos from Paris are the soo cool!
their weeding was a very cute one!:)

well need to go now!