Saturday, January 30, 2010

good morning saturday!

good morning!
How was the week? i hope that it was wonderful! i'm in vacations again:p eheh and i have done fun things in the past couple of days, a photoshoot with a friend of mine, watch films at home, go out with friends to an Egyptian pub, some shopping, travel plans:) and carnival plans too!
I'm thinking about my costume for this carnival.. and i think i'm going to dress myself as Wendy, Peter Pan's ''girlfriend'':) or maybe late 17th, 18th century lady... or Victorian Lady, did i already say that i really love the Victorian Era? Here are some pics that i found for my costume inspiration;)

Annie Leibovitz disney inspired photoshoot! this is one of my favourite photographers!;)
I really love this celebrities photo session;)

For the late 17th, 18th century style i have to choose Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette...;)

I love Emily Blunt's outfits in the movie The Young Victoria;) it's the Victorian Era perfect inspiration... and my favourite queen!

hope you feel inspired too!;)

i'm going out now! take a walk or have a latte with some friends!;)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tea for two and two for tea

good night dahlings:)
I have been missing, a lot of things to do, work and some fun too;)
I have no great news to post, just that i almost found a new job in a bookshop! it would be amazing for me to work in a bookshop, until i found a design job:) but in the end i didn't accept it because of the payment.. they want me to do a full time job, and pay me like a part time one... and i really need the money, soo i will not accept it.. i will find something better, i'm shore of it;)

This week i have ended Dorian Gray book! it was amazing! it's my favourite book! Dorian Gray and wuthering heights! i'm thinkg in start reading Bel-Ami, or Neverwhere from Neil Gaiman.. i love Neil Gaiman books!! like stardust, or American God's, i love the comic book that are written by Mr. Gaiman, and illustrated by Dave Mckean! Dave Mckean's illustrations are awesome!
My favourite cover of Wuthering heigths:)
This is an illustration from the book crazyhair:)

by the way! i need to talk about Coralie Bickford-smith book covers again! she has a new clothbound series that i ned to share with you! i thing i'm going to collect them all!!
They are all absolutely gorgeous and beautiful!!

I have some film news to share too:) i have saw The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and i loved it! eheh i love that kind of child lame adventure films;) it's one of my guilty pleasures! thake a look at the trailer;)

well i'm going to sleep now! work tomorrow...;)


Monday, January 18, 2010

late night post

good night!
i'm very happy cause today i have senp all the morning helping my parents and my grandma clean the attic:) i found soo many amazing things!!! vintage dolls, and games! one of the games that i found and love is magic etch a sketch screen! it's amazing!$zm$

it was a cute ''vintage'' day;)

Golden Globes is already airing in tv, i'm going to watch it!:)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

winter weekend nights

good night:)
i'm finally free of work! tomorrow i have no work and monday either! i can do whatever i want!
Tonight i want to: Watch a film! Adventure land maybe or Darjeeling limited:) and then... read Dorian Gray! i'm almost at the end of the book! and it's awesome!! i'm loving it! one of my favourite book:) and finally sleep until 10 a.m or 1 a.m! eheheh;)
I'm going to my granma's house tomorrow with my parents and my sister, to help her clean the attic! i love to go to the attic, and find a thousand old things from my parents and grandparents! a lot of vintage things:)

I've been listening all week the band, The Temper Trap:) they have a very cool and nice sound, take a look ate their site and this video of sweet disposition, that is one of my favourite songs from them;)

ok, i'm going to my film and book now!;)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

feeling better..

hello there!
I'm better now! i still sneeze a lot and my throat is still weird but i'm better:)
I haven't done nothing special this past days... just work and home... and sneezing and coughing, and reading and watching TV... boring cosy stuff :p
I also had discover some goodies in the internet that i would like to share;)

This peanut bunny that i found in fieldguided flickr!!! i want one!! soo cute!

This commercial with Zoeey Deschanel is very very cool! i love it! i love the glasses, the music, by she & him, the clothes, and the scenes:D

this posters of where the wild things are!

Gemma Correll illustrations!

i love specially this comic pages about her life!!

ok, i'm going to read a little more of Dorian Gray:)


Monday, January 11, 2010

home sick

hello there
I'm with a sort of influenza, not the suine flu, just a little normal flu:p i think tomorrow i will be better, today i'm at home, drinking tea, juices, and soups..
yesterday i went to the cinema to watch where the wild things are! the film is awesome! i loved it! it's soo cute, and full of meaning:D i loved it! and they gave me a crown from the movie!!!
Another thing i need to share is my recent book passion! The picture of Dorian Gray! i've been reading it since a week ago, and it's already one of my favourite books! i made a little search for Dorian Gray book covers and here are some of my favourite ones!

The Picture of Dorian Gray
This one is my favourite, i will buy it in book depository!!

This penguin classic books edition!;) i love them!
another book from penguin classics

this is the title page of the first edition, it's from 1891:)

i'm going to read a bit and then watch a film in tv! i think i will be better just with this ;) eheh


Thursday, January 7, 2010

sunny weather and wild things!
Good morning:)
Today finally we have a sunny day:) i like the rain, but it's raining everyday since 2 weeks ago or something... i miss the sun:) and today he had appear! sunny and cold:) i will take a walk to get some sunny inspiring moments today!;) eheh
Finally Where the Wild Things are has arrived to the cinemas here!!! i need to go see it! maybe today or tomorrow! take a look at the trailer it's adorable!

take a look at the wild things are tees from urban outfitters!
i have one, but not of of these:) my t-shirt says ''wild things have more fun''!

take also a look at the rest of the merchandise you can find in UO!
you have also a view master!!! i had an old one from my dad! it's amazing!:D
ok! it's all for now! it was a wild post!;)