Thursday, January 7, 2010

sunny weather and wild things!
Good morning:)
Today finally we have a sunny day:) i like the rain, but it's raining everyday since 2 weeks ago or something... i miss the sun:) and today he had appear! sunny and cold:) i will take a walk to get some sunny inspiring moments today!;) eheh
Finally Where the Wild Things are has arrived to the cinemas here!!! i need to go see it! maybe today or tomorrow! take a look at the trailer it's adorable!

take a look at the wild things are tees from urban outfitters!
i have one, but not of of these:) my t-shirt says ''wild things have more fun''!

take also a look at the rest of the merchandise you can find in UO!
you have also a view master!!! i had an old one from my dad! it's amazing!:D
ok! it's all for now! it was a wild post!;)


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