Wednesday, January 13, 2010

feeling better..

hello there!
I'm better now! i still sneeze a lot and my throat is still weird but i'm better:)
I haven't done nothing special this past days... just work and home... and sneezing and coughing, and reading and watching TV... boring cosy stuff :p
I also had discover some goodies in the internet that i would like to share;)

This peanut bunny that i found in fieldguided flickr!!! i want one!! soo cute!

This commercial with Zoeey Deschanel is very very cool! i love it! i love the glasses, the music, by she & him, the clothes, and the scenes:D

this posters of where the wild things are!

Gemma Correll illustrations!

i love specially this comic pages about her life!!

ok, i'm going to read a little more of Dorian Gray:)


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