Monday, January 11, 2010

home sick

hello there
I'm with a sort of influenza, not the suine flu, just a little normal flu:p i think tomorrow i will be better, today i'm at home, drinking tea, juices, and soups..
yesterday i went to the cinema to watch where the wild things are! the film is awesome! i loved it! it's soo cute, and full of meaning:D i loved it! and they gave me a crown from the movie!!!
Another thing i need to share is my recent book passion! The picture of Dorian Gray! i've been reading it since a week ago, and it's already one of my favourite books! i made a little search for Dorian Gray book covers and here are some of my favourite ones!

The Picture of Dorian Gray
This one is my favourite, i will buy it in book depository!!

This penguin classic books edition!;) i love them!
another book from penguin classics

this is the title page of the first edition, it's from 1891:)

i'm going to read a bit and then watch a film in tv! i think i will be better just with this ;) eheh


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