Saturday, January 30, 2010

good morning saturday!

good morning!
How was the week? i hope that it was wonderful! i'm in vacations again:p eheh and i have done fun things in the past couple of days, a photoshoot with a friend of mine, watch films at home, go out with friends to an Egyptian pub, some shopping, travel plans:) and carnival plans too!
I'm thinking about my costume for this carnival.. and i think i'm going to dress myself as Wendy, Peter Pan's ''girlfriend'':) or maybe late 17th, 18th century lady... or Victorian Lady, did i already say that i really love the Victorian Era? Here are some pics that i found for my costume inspiration;)

Annie Leibovitz disney inspired photoshoot! this is one of my favourite photographers!;)
I really love this celebrities photo session;)

For the late 17th, 18th century style i have to choose Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette...;)

I love Emily Blunt's outfits in the movie The Young Victoria;) it's the Victorian Era perfect inspiration... and my favourite queen!

hope you feel inspired too!;)

i'm going out now! take a walk or have a latte with some friends!;)


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