Tuesday, February 9, 2010

back from London with love..

hello there!!
I've being away for a while... I have spend the last week in London with a friend!
I love London, it's my favourite place and city! and i'm thinking in live there for a period of time, maybe in september:)
I have made lots of discovers this time!!! Covent garden and the most wonderful little shops and coffeshops, cupcake shops, restaurants!! it's a wonderful place! i have lots of photos!!

i have some pictures of some store windows and poster i have found! hope you enjoy!

cupcakes from camden!!

a comic and illustration bookshop located in front of The British Museum!

an advertising for Valentine's day in Oxford street:) I love the lettering and the colors!

a store window in Canary street, near Regent street:) i really love the mosnters and the lettering in the window!:D

I love this retro anouncement from as store in selfridges!

this store window in selfridges is amazing! the doll in the 2nd picture is actually a representation of Frida Kahlo!

London is amazing
I love London!!

see you tomorrow!


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