Saturday, November 28, 2009

it's a book post!

hello hello!
it's saturday, and today is sooo cold! I finally can use my ear-muffins:) today i think i'm going out and take some winter inspired photos:) (by the way, the photo in the beginning is from abbytrysagain).
My last week of vacation, has been nice, i went to the cinema, with a friend of mine to see... New moon! yes i admitted...i'm guilty..:p, i have go out with friends, yesterday i went to an Egyptian bar, and smoke some apple flavoured narguilla, narguilla is a typical water pipe where you can taste different flavour tobacco, yesterday i tasted apple, but my favourite is the jasmine and rose one:)

Today i have some books to show to you:) i'm thinking in them for xmas, some of them to give, some of them for me;)
i have already post about this classics collection from penguin... but i can't resist... ehehe i'm thinking in this one to a friend of mine:) Film-Making 01: Producing
This too are for me:p i want to study cinema, and this book, seams a good choice for me to begin, i'm thinking in go to the university next year:) i'm a graphic designer already, but i really dream about study cinema:)
i also want this book! i already have the Love Letters from great Women, know i need this one, Love Letters from great Man! it's a very cute and romantic book;) totally me!
This book seams to be very funny! i think me and my mom, will laugh a lot with it!;)

And know the design books;) muahaha
This one looks cool!
This one is a completely must have book for me!!

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be
And finally i think i need this one, too... i think it's perfect for me or maybe to some of my friends too :D

You can find all of this books, in Amazon, or in Book Depository.. i'm more fan of Book Depository because it's worldwide free delivery;)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

morning morning

good morning:)
I'm still in vacations:)this is my last week without work... and it's the last week of november too;) and i love december, so i'm not sad;) eheh
the today goodies are...

ColorMeKatie photos!i love her photos, take a look at her Fun Album! it's amazing!:)

death cab for cutie, i have been listening to them.. i think i have already post about them, but i want to post again ;p here you have ''cath'' music video:)

This video doesn't have nothing special, but i like the music, i think it says a lot, about those people who live their lives thinking about the best and socially accepted perfect life, and them feel empty because of that. i think that sometimes, we need to act impulsive or with the heart, and don't be afraid of feeling or go to the unknown:)

i need also post this! it the two cutest thanksgiving idea of all time! found in black eiffel:)

well, have a nice day!! ;)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

cosy saturday

hello hello:)
today is, cosy and rainy, saturday, the perfect day to go to the cinema;) And lucky me, there's a lot of cool films to go see:D maybe i went to see Julie & Julia with my sister, she may like it, or maybe i went to see New York I love you, i really want to see that one:)
Yesterday, i went to some indie stores with a friend, and i found some cuties!!
Like this...
isn't it adorable!??:D

Also found this!
it's the "Royaltea"! i think this will make an awesome present for my uncle! eheh the camera and this are from donkey products:)

I also found in flickr. this amazing photographer, Katherine Elizabeth
The photo in the beginning of the post is also hers, She is very talented:)

well, i need to go now!
see you later


Friday, November 20, 2009

think of a wonderful thought..

good morning everyone!
Today i want wonderful and happy thoughts! and i want to see peter pan too:p ehehe i really love disney's peter pan movie, it's one of the cutest disney films!
November is almost ending, and i really need to began thinking about xmas cards and family and friends xmas presents! i love xmas!!:D

today i have some goodies to share, i always have;)

1st, i want to speak about the cute photo in the beginning of the post, it's from miss Elsie Cake! i love her photos and her art too:D

2nd, i need to share this Urban Outfitters, Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree!! it's soo cute! i want one! found in design is mine:)

3rd, The Criterion Collection, i found it in the internet and i became fan.. it's a film distribution company, that sells classics and contemporary films to film addicts:p ehehe the site is very cool, it has a list of the films and the description, it's a good encyclopaedia;)

4th, This picture by color me katie, is soo funny! it's almost a ''wonderful thought!'' found in you are my fave

and it's all for now..;)

have a nice day!


Monday, November 16, 2009

rainy vacation day!

nighty night:)
I'm officially in vacations! and to celebrate it, i went to the cinema today;) one of my favourite hobbies:) i went to see The Brothers Bloom, and i did like it very much, it's not has good has i expected, but it's a good film, with good actors, i love Rachel Weisz and Adrien Brody, and its a film with a lot of visual details:)
I'm also in love with Peter Yorn & Scarlett Johansson new album, Break Up:) they are very cute together!

today i need to express also my obsession with this cupcakes i found in the internet...
they are from sprinkles cupcake!! i will go to USA, someday, and when it happens, i need to go there and try one, or maybe two!:)

today it's raining a lot, i like rainy days:) i like to sleep and listen the rain outside.. i think it's romantic :)
i like to take photos in the rain! so tomorrow i will go out with my nikon D40 and make some!;)
photo by ohsweetnuthin, found in design is mine:)


Friday, November 13, 2009

2 days for vacations..

good afternoon:)
It's friday! and i only have to work saturday and sunday, and then i have 2 weeks of vacations! i'm very happy, cause i really need to rest a bit, and have some fun;)
I will begun the driving lessons this next week... wish me luck ;p
we are in the meddle of November... at 42 days for xmas, and i am beginning to feel the xmas mood... ehehe i love xmas, and i'm feeling inspired by it, so today i will make an (earlier) inspirational post about xmas and cosy winter things;)

this one and the one in the beginning of the post is from ATLITW's flickr, i found it via design is mine:) it's an adorable idea for a xmas tree!!

The "Victorian" christmas card set, and this adorable reindeer holiday card, are from fredflare! i love them!:p

this simple holiday tags are very nice, found it in black eiffel.

Picture 5
i love cosy gloves and ear muffs!!! (found it in A Beautiful Mess)

this urban Outfitters coat is just beautiful!
starbucks! the best place to drink something in Autumn and winter;)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

cute workspaces..

helloo there:)
i am very happy, i have a new laptop!! my first one in fact.. i bought a sony vaio...i was looking for a black macbook, but this vaio is better, and i just fell in love with him in the store.. the hardware is very cute, and the software is just what i need at the moment:D i'm really in love with my ''new baby'';)
November.. oh November, i love this month... this time of the year (November and December) is a very inspiring time for me... i'm always full of ideas, of things to do or to craft, it's a very artistic time for me... i'm beginning to see that i'm a winter person...:p i love the cold, i love the Autumn and winter colours, the christmas time, the cosy and comfortable outfits, the rainy days, and the cold sunny ones too...i love snow too, but here in my country, or at least in my city, it doesn't happen..

Sooo if it's a very inspiring and artistic time for me... i would love to have a little studio or workspace of my own... searching in the internet i found some lovely spaces, that really inspired me, to create my own;)

[a+ab.png] Andrew and Amy Bannecker[460px.SycamoreStreetPress-92709-113.jpg]
all found in black Eiffel blog:)

Elsie cake's studio is one of my favourites!! here is two little corners of it:)
studio-oh por .elsie*cake..random stuff por .elsie*cake..

i'm going to sleep now:)*


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

darling November

hello there:)
November has arrived;) i love November, it has the sweet smell of winter, Autumn and a little bit of Christmas at his end:)
My head were a little bit messy this past week, so i didn't post much..
For today i want to share the amazing work of Abbytrysagain:) the photo in the beginning of the post is hers too..

simple and beautiful, aren't they! take a look at her flickr!

today i'm in Ella Fitzgerald music mood...soo i'm going to listen her and drink some tea;)