Saturday, November 28, 2009

it's a book post!

hello hello!
it's saturday, and today is sooo cold! I finally can use my ear-muffins:) today i think i'm going out and take some winter inspired photos:) (by the way, the photo in the beginning is from abbytrysagain).
My last week of vacation, has been nice, i went to the cinema, with a friend of mine to see... New moon! yes i admitted...i'm guilty..:p, i have go out with friends, yesterday i went to an Egyptian bar, and smoke some apple flavoured narguilla, narguilla is a typical water pipe where you can taste different flavour tobacco, yesterday i tasted apple, but my favourite is the jasmine and rose one:)

Today i have some books to show to you:) i'm thinking in them for xmas, some of them to give, some of them for me;)
i have already post about this classics collection from penguin... but i can't resist... ehehe i'm thinking in this one to a friend of mine:) Film-Making 01: Producing
This too are for me:p i want to study cinema, and this book, seams a good choice for me to begin, i'm thinking in go to the university next year:) i'm a graphic designer already, but i really dream about study cinema:)
i also want this book! i already have the Love Letters from great Women, know i need this one, Love Letters from great Man! it's a very cute and romantic book;) totally me!
This book seams to be very funny! i think me and my mom, will laugh a lot with it!;)

And know the design books;) muahaha
This one looks cool!
This one is a completely must have book for me!!

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be
And finally i think i need this one, too... i think it's perfect for me or maybe to some of my friends too :D

You can find all of this books, in Amazon, or in Book Depository.. i'm more fan of Book Depository because it's worldwide free delivery;)


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