Friday, November 20, 2009

think of a wonderful thought..

good morning everyone!
Today i want wonderful and happy thoughts! and i want to see peter pan too:p ehehe i really love disney's peter pan movie, it's one of the cutest disney films!
November is almost ending, and i really need to began thinking about xmas cards and family and friends xmas presents! i love xmas!!:D

today i have some goodies to share, i always have;)

1st, i want to speak about the cute photo in the beginning of the post, it's from miss Elsie Cake! i love her photos and her art too:D

2nd, i need to share this Urban Outfitters, Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree!! it's soo cute! i want one! found in design is mine:)

3rd, The Criterion Collection, i found it in the internet and i became fan.. it's a film distribution company, that sells classics and contemporary films to film addicts:p ehehe the site is very cool, it has a list of the films and the description, it's a good encyclopaedia;)

4th, This picture by color me katie, is soo funny! it's almost a ''wonderful thought!'' found in you are my fave

and it's all for now..;)

have a nice day!


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