Tuesday, November 24, 2009

morning morning

good morning:)
I'm still in vacations:)this is my last week without work... and it's the last week of november too;) and i love december, so i'm not sad;) eheh
the today goodies are...

ColorMeKatie photos!i love her photos, take a look at her Fun Album! it's amazing!:)

death cab for cutie, i have been listening to them.. i think i have already post about them, but i want to post again ;p here you have ''cath'' music video:)

This video doesn't have nothing special, but i like the music, i think it says a lot, about those people who live their lives thinking about the best and socially accepted perfect life, and them feel empty because of that. i think that sometimes, we need to act impulsive or with the heart, and don't be afraid of feeling or go to the unknown:)

i need also post this! it the two cutest thanksgiving idea of all time! found in black eiffel:)

well, have a nice day!! ;)


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