Thursday, November 12, 2009

cute workspaces..

helloo there:)
i am very happy, i have a new laptop!! my first one in fact.. i bought a sony vaio...i was looking for a black macbook, but this vaio is better, and i just fell in love with him in the store.. the hardware is very cute, and the software is just what i need at the moment:D i'm really in love with my ''new baby'';)
November.. oh November, i love this month... this time of the year (November and December) is a very inspiring time for me... i'm always full of ideas, of things to do or to craft, it's a very artistic time for me... i'm beginning to see that i'm a winter person...:p i love the cold, i love the Autumn and winter colours, the christmas time, the cosy and comfortable outfits, the rainy days, and the cold sunny ones too...i love snow too, but here in my country, or at least in my city, it doesn't happen..

Sooo if it's a very inspiring and artistic time for me... i would love to have a little studio or workspace of my own... searching in the internet i found some lovely spaces, that really inspired me, to create my own;)

[a+ab.png] Andrew and Amy Bannecker[460px.SycamoreStreetPress-92709-113.jpg]
all found in black Eiffel blog:)

Elsie cake's studio is one of my favourites!! here is two little corners of it:)
studio-oh por .elsie*cake..random stuff por .elsie*cake..

i'm going to sleep now:)*


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