Thursday, August 19, 2010

good morning!
Today it's a wonderful day, it begun with clouds but now its a very warn and sunny:)
I'm thinking in going to an exhibition called Warhol TV, it's about Andy Warhol, i'm excited, cause i like him very much:) and at night, i have a birthday party of a friend of mine. Me and many of our friends have bought a Spinner 360ยบ has a present! she will be sooo happy!! i'm very excited to see her reaction when she open the present!:D

Here are 4 goodies to inspire the day!♥

1. funny cakes! (from coco cake blog) neighbor totoro cake!!!

2. Clare Owen cats!

3. all saints t-shirts!
some of them are a little morbid, but i like them!:p

4. toy story's, lots-o'-huggin' Bear 80's commercial!

hope you have a nice summer day!
see you later!


Saturday, August 14, 2010
hello blog world:)
My vacations are almost at the end:/ but the summer is not! i still have lot's of time and funny things to do!
Today i confess, i'm not very happy, last night i went out with some friends, at the beginnig it was very cool! but at the end some stupid things have occurred and the night ended up with some inconveniences... it's normal, sometimes things can be fun sometimes not.. so, today, i'm feeling a little sad, but my mood is changing and i can tell that at the end of the day i'm going to be ok again! i'm going out, to a village near, to spend the day at a fair! i love summer fairs!;)
i have some goodies to share, as always:)

i'm in love with 8th continent soymilk packages! they are absolutely lovely! (founded in creature comforts)

the site is very cool as well! all this is designed by Ben Javens

i'm really in love with Clare Owen's illustrations!


Florence and the Machine

well have a nice saturday!
see you later:)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Good Morning!
i have some goodies to share!:)
Today i'm going to the beach, and maybe later a cold frappucino or an ice cream would taste very well;)
It's hot like hell today! Lisbon is a very hot city in this time of the year.. i confess that i miss the Autumn and specially the winter i really love cold!
I'm going to spent all the money between water and my book 1894, i'm ending it! the next book will be Anna Kanerina, form Tolstoy... it's a very big book.. wish me luck ;p
oh the goodies:

i'm really in love with this vintage collages from Ma + Chr (Matilde + Christine) they are awesome! and beautiful:D i love their art!

the new song from Arcade Fire, The suburbs, the album is sooo good! i'm in love with it!♥

My Little Pony, in rainbow colours!! it was one of my favourite toys when i was a kid!

i'm going now!


Saturday, August 7, 2010


hi there!
it's saturday, and a sunny one, it's a perfect day to go to a craft fair! and that's what i'm going to do!;) maybe i'll find some cute vintage things!!:D
i also need to study... cause i'm near my driving exam, and i will make a test about traffic signs and rules.. and i haven't study much yet...:/

today i'm feeling inspired by this song! for two major reasons... 1st, because i really love London! and 2nd, cause its very very beautiful, i like Devendra banhart very much:) and cibelle (Brazilian singer) has such a sweet voice!

hope it inspires your saturday too!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

5 things i love in the morning
good morning!
today it's a very beautiful sunny summer day! i need to go to the dentist today..(wish me luck!:p) and after that! i'm going to eat an ice-cream in santini gelato! it's one of the best ''ice-cream shops'' i know!
Today i have 5 things that i love to show you!:) hope you like them all!

1st. i really love to ear this song in the morning! it makes me soo happy!:)

2nd. Color me Katie blog and flickr! she really has some of the most happy pictures i know!! i love her images, she really can capture happiness!

3rd. summer parties! and balloooons!

4th. summer freshy food! like fruit salads and ice-creams!!!

5th.taking pictures with my diana!

hope you have a nice day!
see you later!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

good morning August!

hello morning!
it's August, and for me it's the most fun summer month! i'm in vacation for 2 weeks:D
and i have a lot of plans for them!
today i'm going to the beach with my sister and my little cousin Madalena, she's a sweet 7 years old girl:D
soo this is a quick post, cause i'm getting late!
have a nice day!

i'm in a phoenix mood today!

see you later*