Saturday, August 14, 2010
hello blog world:)
My vacations are almost at the end:/ but the summer is not! i still have lot's of time and funny things to do!
Today i confess, i'm not very happy, last night i went out with some friends, at the beginnig it was very cool! but at the end some stupid things have occurred and the night ended up with some inconveniences... it's normal, sometimes things can be fun sometimes not.. so, today, i'm feeling a little sad, but my mood is changing and i can tell that at the end of the day i'm going to be ok again! i'm going out, to a village near, to spend the day at a fair! i love summer fairs!;)
i have some goodies to share, as always:)

i'm in love with 8th continent soymilk packages! they are absolutely lovely! (founded in creature comforts)

the site is very cool as well! all this is designed by Ben Javens

i'm really in love with Clare Owen's illustrations!


Florence and the Machine

well have a nice saturday!
see you later:)


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