Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Good Morning!
i have some goodies to share!:)
Today i'm going to the beach, and maybe later a cold frappucino or an ice cream would taste very well;)
It's hot like hell today! Lisbon is a very hot city in this time of the year.. i confess that i miss the Autumn and specially the winter i really love cold!
I'm going to spent all the money between water and my book 1894, i'm ending it! the next book will be Anna Kanerina, form Tolstoy... it's a very big book.. wish me luck ;p
oh the goodies:

i'm really in love with this vintage collages from Ma + Chr (Matilde + Christine) they are awesome! and beautiful:D i love their art!

the new song from Arcade Fire, The suburbs, the album is sooo good! i'm in love with it!♥

My Little Pony, in rainbow colours!! it was one of my favourite toys when i was a kid!

i'm going now!


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