Thursday, August 19, 2010

good morning!
Today it's a wonderful day, it begun with clouds but now its a very warn and sunny:)
I'm thinking in going to an exhibition called Warhol TV, it's about Andy Warhol, i'm excited, cause i like him very much:) and at night, i have a birthday party of a friend of mine. Me and many of our friends have bought a Spinner 360ยบ has a present! she will be sooo happy!! i'm very excited to see her reaction when she open the present!:D

Here are 4 goodies to inspire the day!♥

1. funny cakes! (from coco cake blog) neighbor totoro cake!!!

2. Clare Owen cats!

3. all saints t-shirts!
some of them are a little morbid, but i like them!:p

4. toy story's, lots-o'-huggin' Bear 80's commercial!

hope you have a nice summer day!
see you later!


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