Thursday, August 5, 2010

5 things i love in the morning
good morning!
today it's a very beautiful sunny summer day! i need to go to the dentist today..(wish me luck!:p) and after that! i'm going to eat an ice-cream in santini gelato! it's one of the best ''ice-cream shops'' i know!
Today i have 5 things that i love to show you!:) hope you like them all!

1st. i really love to ear this song in the morning! it makes me soo happy!:)

2nd. Color me Katie blog and flickr! she really has some of the most happy pictures i know!! i love her images, she really can capture happiness!

3rd. summer parties! and balloooons!

4th. summer freshy food! like fruit salads and ice-creams!!!

5th.taking pictures with my diana!

hope you have a nice day!
see you later!


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