Thursday, October 29, 2009


Halloween is almost here:) i like very much halloween night, i love the costumes and the party's:) here in my country we don't celebrate it like in the US, we don't have the trick or treat thing, we usually go out with some friends in costumes:)
Sooo today i would like to share some halloween pics, i don't know yet what i'm going to wear... when i know i tell you;)
My favorite Halloween/xmas movie! ;) it has to be Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas:)
the sources are linked to the pictures:)

Fear is the first enemy of happiness


Friday, October 23, 2009

23 Autumns

hi there!
This is a really quick post, tomorrow, if i have time i make a bigger one!:D
Yesterday was my birthday! I made 23... and it was a very very cute day! i went to a Japanese Restaurant, named Nood, to Lunch with my mom and aunt, it's a very cool and modern space, it's very similar to Wagamama:) and then at night some friends and family came to dinner at my house:) it was a very very cute and funny night too;) my grandmother made the best cake ever! it was huge and beautiful! with raspberries:D

see you tomorrow, if i have time!;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


hi there! happy Tuesday everyone:)
only one day to my birthday...and i still don't know what i want to do in the day... maybe dinner with family and a drink with some friends in some cozy pub...:)
today i'm in love with chocolate.... did i ever tell that i'm really addicted to chocolate and coffee... yes... i can't live without coffee or my chocolate... and today i went to a really cute chocolaterie named Xocoa and found this amazing bars! i love the graphic design of the bars, they have win a price for the best package...

this is some of the chocolate bars!
they have buttons made of chocolate too!! i will try to take some pictures of the store so you can see better:)

Today i'm in the music mood of Mutemath

hope you like it, i love this video!:)

finally i would like to share this two photos, that i take with my lomo diana F+! the cute girl is my little cousin;)

have a nice Tuesday night*


Saturday, October 17, 2009

looking for the perfect cake!

it's saturday:) and i really need to sleep!
Yesterday, i had i wonderful friday night:) first, i went to a music studio with some friends of mine, to see they playing, and then we went to a party in the university of a friend of us. It was a very cool night:) the worst part is the fact that i didn't sleep much, and today i had work in the morning... you can imagine how tired i was..
At the moment i am looking for some an idea to my birthday cake:) and in my search i found some things...

like this beautiful dinner table!:D i would love to have dinner or lunch in a place like this:)
(found it in 100 layer cake)

this next one, i found in Brooklyn bride

found in Design is Mine

i also want to share this book i found in a store in London, the dover bookshop, in Convent Garden:D
Victorian Family Paper Dolls

it's a Victorian paper doll book!! i want this one!!! need to buy it when i come back! i love paper dolls and Victorian style:)

bye ;)


Friday, October 16, 2009

quick quick Thursday post!

Good night everyone :)
This is a very quick night post, because i really need to go sleep... i have to work in the morning, and it's getting late:)
soooo i would like to post a couple of things that i found in some of my favourite blogs :)

1st. This beautiful 'light' dresses, that i found in Elsie Cake's blog, A Beautiful Mess:)
really beautiful, isn't it? :D Elsie found it here ...

I really miss my polaroid... i need to buy some recharges in ebay or amazon:)
found in Black Eiffel. I think, it's from The Impossible Project:)
from The Brilliant Magpie, found in Creature Conforts. really gorgeous, isn't it?

Noah and the Whale! with my darling Laura Marling :D hope you like, i love this song;)

have nice dreams!

Monday, October 12, 2009

music and homework

how was monday? mine was lazy and cozy!
I've spend the day at home, continuing my web portfolio saga.... i really need to finish my website, so i can go search for a job in design area:) i also have lunch in my grandma's house! i love to go to my grandma's house!:D
i have spend my day listening to Death Cab For Cutie:) i like them very much and i didn't know that :p
This video for their song little bribes, is awesome!

Death Cab for Cutie - Little Bribes from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

my birthday is arriving fast... it's in next week:) sooo, i'm starting to think in my birthday party, and i found some inspiring images:)...

this photos i found in simplesong blog!it's an Autumn party isn't it wonderful?

the next one i found in Elsie Cake's blog, A Beautiful Mess, and it's a fort for a girl's party:D i love her cute ideas! she is a very talented person :D

this next pics are from a weeding! found it in Black Eiffel blog:)

this boat invitation is a very original ideia!:D found in Jordan Ferney blog

and finally i need to share the cutest birthday cards!!! i'm in love with them! they are from Night Owl paper goods! you can buy this ones and more on the online store:)
new! party lamb new! party owlnew! coney raccoonnew! piggy party
it's all for today!

*xoxo*have a nighty night

Sunday, October 11, 2009

nighty night

good night!
today i have some work of mine to share! yesterday, i went to my little cousins birthday party, and made a little photoshoot with a friend of my sister, she was wearing a very cool outfit and at night with a lantern i made this..

heart in an empty room por você.

spotlight por você.
more to come on my flickr! :)

i would also like to share, this poster for a concert of Feist, that i have found in Elsie Cake's blog :)

i love her music!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

oh cold where are you...

this is a quick post just to share 2 saturday loves that are inspiring me today! ;)

this too olivia Bee's photos!she is very young but very talented!

Billie Holliday's Autumn in New York song! this video is just the music with a picture of her, it's just for you to ear the music;)


Monday, October 5, 2009

rainy holiday monday :D

it's monday, and it's holiday, and to make it oh so cute, it's raining outside :)
I like cozy Autumn days! when you can spend the day at home, doing some crafts, drinking tea and watch films:)
the film i have here to watch is The Young Victoria, i think it's a lovely and romantic film:D if you like classic romances you will like this film! i adoreee a good 19th century romance....

today i want to share a couple of things...

you must visit i check movies, it's amazing! you can make a list of all the movies you have watched, they don't have all the movies, but have a lot of them:D i'm beginning to become addicted to this site! ahah

this little red ridding hood cape!! you can buy this one and more different ones
in etsy Enderby's shop! Capelet

i also want some of these amazing mustache glasses!! another etsy find! you can buy it in breadandbadger's shop! aren't they funny??

i'm thinking in my 2010 calendar, that i will make... and i'm looking for some inspiration... and found this:)

2010 CALENDAR - Mini English Series (Printable)
2010 CALENDAR - Mini English Series (Printable)


1.panda calendar from fred flare
2.calendar from alidesign's etsy shop
3.sukie perpetual calendar

that's all for now..
kiss*kiss and have a good night :D