Tuesday, October 20, 2009


hi there! happy Tuesday everyone:)
only one day to my birthday...and i still don't know what i want to do in the day... maybe dinner with family and a drink with some friends in some cozy pub...:)
today i'm in love with chocolate.... did i ever tell that i'm really addicted to chocolate and coffee... yes... i can't live without coffee or my chocolate... and today i went to a really cute chocolaterie named Xocoa and found this amazing bars! i love the graphic design of the bars, they have win a price for the best package...

this is some of the chocolate bars!
they have buttons made of chocolate too!! i will try to take some pictures of the store so you can see better:)

Today i'm in the music mood of Mutemath

hope you like it, i love this video!:)

finally i would like to share this two photos, that i take with my lomo diana F+! the cute girl is my little cousin;)

have a nice Tuesday night*


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