Saturday, October 17, 2009

looking for the perfect cake!

it's saturday:) and i really need to sleep!
Yesterday, i had i wonderful friday night:) first, i went to a music studio with some friends of mine, to see they playing, and then we went to a party in the university of a friend of us. It was a very cool night:) the worst part is the fact that i didn't sleep much, and today i had work in the morning... you can imagine how tired i was..
At the moment i am looking for some an idea to my birthday cake:) and in my search i found some things...

like this beautiful dinner table!:D i would love to have dinner or lunch in a place like this:)
(found it in 100 layer cake)

this next one, i found in Brooklyn bride

found in Design is Mine

i also want to share this book i found in a store in London, the dover bookshop, in Convent Garden:D
Victorian Family Paper Dolls

it's a Victorian paper doll book!! i want this one!!! need to buy it when i come back! i love paper dolls and Victorian style:)

bye ;)


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