Monday, October 12, 2009

music and homework

how was monday? mine was lazy and cozy!
I've spend the day at home, continuing my web portfolio saga.... i really need to finish my website, so i can go search for a job in design area:) i also have lunch in my grandma's house! i love to go to my grandma's house!:D
i have spend my day listening to Death Cab For Cutie:) i like them very much and i didn't know that :p
This video for their song little bribes, is awesome!

Death Cab for Cutie - Little Bribes from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

my birthday is arriving fast... it's in next week:) sooo, i'm starting to think in my birthday party, and i found some inspiring images:)...

this photos i found in simplesong blog!it's an Autumn party isn't it wonderful?

the next one i found in Elsie Cake's blog, A Beautiful Mess, and it's a fort for a girl's party:D i love her cute ideas! she is a very talented person :D

this next pics are from a weeding! found it in Black Eiffel blog:)

this boat invitation is a very original ideia!:D found in Jordan Ferney blog

and finally i need to share the cutest birthday cards!!! i'm in love with them! they are from Night Owl paper goods! you can buy this ones and more on the online store:)
new! party lamb new! party owlnew! coney raccoonnew! piggy party
it's all for today!

*xoxo*have a nighty night

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