Friday, October 16, 2009

quick quick Thursday post!

Good night everyone :)
This is a very quick night post, because i really need to go sleep... i have to work in the morning, and it's getting late:)
soooo i would like to post a couple of things that i found in some of my favourite blogs :)

1st. This beautiful 'light' dresses, that i found in Elsie Cake's blog, A Beautiful Mess:)
really beautiful, isn't it? :D Elsie found it here ...

I really miss my polaroid... i need to buy some recharges in ebay or amazon:)
found in Black Eiffel. I think, it's from The Impossible Project:)
from The Brilliant Magpie, found in Creature Conforts. really gorgeous, isn't it?

Noah and the Whale! with my darling Laura Marling :D hope you like, i love this song;)

have nice dreams!

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