Monday, March 29, 2010

monday in love with..

hello monday!
I'm better from the floo now! finally, i spend almost 4 days at home... but in saturday i was feeling better for a little walk with a friend:) and in that little walk we went to some vintage shooping, and i finally found film for my polaroid 1200!!! i was giving up... and then i found it! i'm sooo happy, finally i can play with her again and take some cute polaroid photos!!:D

sooo i want to began this week inspired by...

i want to take lots and lots of pictures this month!!

i want to go ride my bicycle this spring...

(i can't find the credits of this images..i'm sorry)

and finally Easter is coming next weekend! i'm thinking in do some macaroons myself to my family!!

have a nice day!
see you later :)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

sneezzzing thursday

good morning..
I'm sick, with some kind of floo:/ so today i'm going to stay home with my cat, and drink a lot of orange juice, tea, soup and watch a film in bed, i'm sure that i'll be better tomorrow:)

see you later

Monday, March 22, 2010

monday is for music

good night!
The spring has arrived! and today i have spend the day enjoying the sunny early spring weather!
I had a wonderful weekend, with my cousins in the country! I have spend all sunday morning walking and taking pictures of the country side and then the beach and the sea! the fields are starting to became full of flowers and the sun is winning to the rain;)

today i have some music to inspire;)
She & Him new album, volume 2, that will be released tomorrow! can't wait! you can watch and listen to the new single in the sun :)
and Laura Marling new album, I speak because i can :D
I can't find the single, but here is a short video of the music:)


Saturday, March 20, 2010

saturday morning loves
good morning!
oh, it's raining again, but it's ok... i forgive the weather.. cause today it's the last day of winter;) I have a birthday party today, it will be nice cause it's in the country side and i can take lots of fun pictures with my camera:D i haven't decide yet, if i take my lomo or my digital nikon... humm... or both!! eheh
I went to see Alice in Wonderland again;) i love Tim Burton's films! i need to make a post about my favourite Burton's films! but not today, cause i don't have much time;) i need to get dressed and pretty for the party ;p eheh but i have some time to post some inspiring things for my and i hope your weekend!:D

see you later!


Monday, March 15, 2010

lovely monday post

hello there!
long time no see! i have been busy:) went a lot to the cinema in this past two weeks! this month is full of good films to watch!:D i went to see Whatever Works from Woody Allen! very good! it's a perfect film for intelligent laughs;) and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland!!! i like it, but i was expecting more from it... but i like it anyway!
Springgg is near!:D i want to go to Paris in Spring! i'm planing it..;)
i Have also watch the film, An Education, and completely fall in love with it!:D here you have some images of it and the trailer;)

and a little song to fall in love...

I want the spring full of flowers!

i have to go now!


Monday, March 1, 2010

morning monday loves!

hello hello!
long time no see;) ehehe i had some busy weeks, and short time to post:) but here am i!
i hope that February was a magical and awesome month for you:) mine was!:) i have spend a weekend with some friends in the south, it tasted so good, i'm feeling has new! eheh this was about one week ago:) this weekend i just went to the cinema to watch the werewolf, and dinner with some friends in a south American restaurant (we thought about Japanese, but then we decided to go to the Argentina restaurant instead).

It's Officially March!!!! Spring is coming! I really want spring, i like the cold and the rain and even snow, i am always telling about that, but four months of rain and cold is enough... this past month was the worst raining month... but today the sun has appear.. it's a good sign i think;) i have to think about my spring clean! i want to change some things in my room and even in my life:p and spring is a good season to do that;)

ok, let's check some inspiring monday "springling" things to inspire my and i hope your day too!

love!! spring is for lovers!

i'm in love with this book... i want to buy it sooo much! (found in for me, for you)

i love stop motion, and i really like to understand how they do it!! i need to see fantastic mr, fox! can't wait for it to arrive the cinemas here! i love Wes Anderson!


London! and this awesome paper cut maps! i found in black eiffel:D i want to buy one! they have more maps! check Famille Summerbelle site!

This photo of Laura Marling!

have a nice monday!
see you later:)