Monday, March 1, 2010

morning monday loves!

hello hello!
long time no see;) ehehe i had some busy weeks, and short time to post:) but here am i!
i hope that February was a magical and awesome month for you:) mine was!:) i have spend a weekend with some friends in the south, it tasted so good, i'm feeling has new! eheh this was about one week ago:) this weekend i just went to the cinema to watch the werewolf, and dinner with some friends in a south American restaurant (we thought about Japanese, but then we decided to go to the Argentina restaurant instead).

It's Officially March!!!! Spring is coming! I really want spring, i like the cold and the rain and even snow, i am always telling about that, but four months of rain and cold is enough... this past month was the worst raining month... but today the sun has appear.. it's a good sign i think;) i have to think about my spring clean! i want to change some things in my room and even in my life:p and spring is a good season to do that;)

ok, let's check some inspiring monday "springling" things to inspire my and i hope your day too!

love!! spring is for lovers!

i'm in love with this book... i want to buy it sooo much! (found in for me, for you)

i love stop motion, and i really like to understand how they do it!! i need to see fantastic mr, fox! can't wait for it to arrive the cinemas here! i love Wes Anderson!


London! and this awesome paper cut maps! i found in black eiffel:D i want to buy one! they have more maps! check Famille Summerbelle site!

This photo of Laura Marling!

have a nice monday!
see you later:)


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