Monday, March 29, 2010

monday in love with..

hello monday!
I'm better from the floo now! finally, i spend almost 4 days at home... but in saturday i was feeling better for a little walk with a friend:) and in that little walk we went to some vintage shooping, and i finally found film for my polaroid 1200!!! i was giving up... and then i found it! i'm sooo happy, finally i can play with her again and take some cute polaroid photos!!:D

sooo i want to began this week inspired by...

i want to take lots and lots of pictures this month!!

i want to go ride my bicycle this spring...

(i can't find the credits of this images..i'm sorry)

and finally Easter is coming next weekend! i'm thinking in do some macaroons myself to my family!!

have a nice day!
see you later :)


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