Friday, April 2, 2010

friday sweet night
good night!
it's almost Easter, and i have tried to do some macaroons to offer sunday to my family... but it didn't happen very well... i thing i fail in the mix part.. and i blow it totally... mix tastes very good.. but it was too liquid to do the macaroons.. so i made a small cake with it:p
i will think in another thing to offer;)
i went to a lovely concert this week, Stacey Kent a jazzy singer;) she is a lovely person, and has the most sweet voice! i loved it! and the saxophonist is her husband, they look very romantic together :)
here you have a live video, of one of my favourite songs, from her new album, Raconte-Moi:)

Easter is arriving, and i have some pretty inspiring things to share:)
like this d.i.y egg from poppytalk!

very cute, isn't it??

some rabbitss!

i have also found this beautiful animal photos by Sharon Montrose:) you can also buy then in her Etsy shop :) found bia Black Eiffel

see you tomorrow!


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