Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday/wednesday post in a busy busy week

good night!
finally i have some time to make a quick post!
I am working in a cinema festival, Indie independent film festival of Lisbon:) And it's been awesome! i have met a lot of people, and new films and director's, it has been a crazy week, with lot's of new things! when i get more time, i will make a bigger post, with maybe some of the festival films, and other interesting things i've found this week...
for now i have some little inspiring images and some funny too!

I have this pretty song in my head today!

i'm also in love with this gorgeous hair accessories from i've found in black Eiffel!
the model is, A Fine Frenzy lead singer:) she has the prettiest hair i've ever seen! i want to have my hair with that colour some day!

i'm in love with Blanca Gómez art!

and i found this funny funny parody with star wars toys!

well.. i need to go now! but maybe tomorrow i have some free time to post some more cute things!

see you later*


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