Tuesday, April 6, 2010

morning faves

good morning:)
today i have some favourites to share!;)
Sunday i watch for the first time the film The notebook, who, by facebook, should be my film;) and i really loved it! it's very very beautiful i cried a lot:p ehehe i never expected to like it, cause i usually don't like this, very lame, time of films, but when they are good i really love them.... cause sometimes i'm very lame and very romantic;)
here you have some pics and the trailer of the film ♥

i found this little stopmotion video by Chloe Elise and fell in love with it!

i am really fascinated by this posters created by Laz Marques, they are really awesome:) he has much more, take a look at he's site!

i want to make a cake like this onee!!!
how to: rainbow cake!
how to: rainbow cake!how to: rainbow cake!
how to: rainbow cake!

i want to do a spring party!

see you later*
have a nice day!


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