Saturday, February 13, 2010

saturday morning in love

hello there!
it's a wonderful sunny weather today! i love the sun, i'm feeling that the spring is finally coming. I love all the seasons, and at the end of winter i miss spring, and then in the end of spring, i start to miss summer, and in the end of summer i start to miss Autumn... and soo and soo and soo;) ehehe i love all the seasons! and tomorrow is valentine's day! so we need a little warm and sunny early spring day to lovers!:)
I think i'm going to take a walk with a friend today:)
monday is my fathers birthday, i need to find a present for him! i have searched in London but i didn't found the perfect present... i went to national geographic store, and found some goodies, very expensive goodies.. so i didn't buy anything... I'm thinking in a DVD, i love films and he loves it too, i'm thinking in some classic from the 70's or the 80's.. i need to go search for it in some stores:)

soooo today i have some valentine's ideas and inspiring images:

loveee DIY:
Martha Stewart Kid's Valentines

loveee inpiration from Once wed:
Evan and Ali's transportation to the party was on a red bicycle built for two.
some early spring tooo:

have a nice saturday!

see you later*


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