Thursday, February 11, 2010

you've got the love

good night everyone!:)
We are almost in Valentine's day:) i don't care much of it, but i love romantic things, and i'm a very romantic girl;)ok.. i like valentine's day just a bit! eheh
i don't have a boyfriend at the moment so i don't have special plans for the day, i will probably spend it with some single friends:)
i have selected some things that inspired me for Valentine's day:) hope you feel inspired too ;)

1st - some love by cinema:
amelie (483).jpg

2nd. paper love...
thought of the day : love saves the day.

3rd and final for today, this love tribute from the 2009 oscars :) very poor image and sound quality i'm sorry... i haven't find better... :)

love is beautiful and an inspiration for all the decades, centuries, and eras!
i love love! ;) eheh
need to sleep now! see you tomorrow:)


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