Monday, October 5, 2009

rainy holiday monday :D

it's monday, and it's holiday, and to make it oh so cute, it's raining outside :)
I like cozy Autumn days! when you can spend the day at home, doing some crafts, drinking tea and watch films:)
the film i have here to watch is The Young Victoria, i think it's a lovely and romantic film:D if you like classic romances you will like this film! i adoreee a good 19th century romance....

today i want to share a couple of things...

you must visit i check movies, it's amazing! you can make a list of all the movies you have watched, they don't have all the movies, but have a lot of them:D i'm beginning to become addicted to this site! ahah

this little red ridding hood cape!! you can buy this one and more different ones
in etsy Enderby's shop! Capelet

i also want some of these amazing mustache glasses!! another etsy find! you can buy it in breadandbadger's shop! aren't they funny??

i'm thinking in my 2010 calendar, that i will make... and i'm looking for some inspiration... and found this:)

2010 CALENDAR - Mini English Series (Printable)
2010 CALENDAR - Mini English Series (Printable)


1.panda calendar from fred flare
2.calendar from alidesign's etsy shop
3.sukie perpetual calendar

that's all for now..
kiss*kiss and have a good night :D

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