Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hello there!!
Long time since my last post :) i'm sorry but i have been in vacations and in the past weeks i've been very buzzy!
But here am i! back! and ready for Autumn!!! i love summer, but Autumn is one of my favourite seasons :) i love the Autumn colours! the cold, the leaves! and many more things:)
one of the things i miss the most is school! i really miss to have classes! and school works to do... i'm planing to do a master!

some goodies i found and love!

first. the cutest alphabet ever! (found in lisa's likes)

2nd, Amélie Poulin! i love her!

and her pig light!

3rd. the new video by Deftones, sextape. i'm in love with the music and the video is very beautiful:)

4th. letterpress... i would love to have one... maybe in xmas ;p

Letterpress Amy from Fish & Crown on Vimeo.


Letterpress Amy from Fish & Crown on Vimeo.

well, its all for now!
have cute drems!
see you later:)


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