Saturday, November 21, 2009

cosy saturday

hello hello:)
today is, cosy and rainy, saturday, the perfect day to go to the cinema;) And lucky me, there's a lot of cool films to go see:D maybe i went to see Julie & Julia with my sister, she may like it, or maybe i went to see New York I love you, i really want to see that one:)
Yesterday, i went to some indie stores with a friend, and i found some cuties!!
Like this...
isn't it adorable!??:D

Also found this!
it's the "Royaltea"! i think this will make an awesome present for my uncle! eheh the camera and this are from donkey products:)

I also found in flickr. this amazing photographer, Katherine Elizabeth
The photo in the beginning of the post is also hers, She is very talented:)

well, i need to go now!
see you later


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