Wednesday, December 2, 2009


hello hello, good night:)
i'm very happy with the arrive of December, i love this time of the year.. i love to do the xmas tree (already have one in my room and one in the dinner room), maybe i post some photos of it in a next post:) i love to buy and do presents for my friends and family, to make cookies with my best friend, and this year some cupcakes too, we are thinking in it for the next week:)
I really love to have cosy dinners in my friends houses, the fire place... the hot chocolate, the cold! i really love the Winter weather and xmas time, soo today i will post some xmas trees;)!!

some xmas trees...

elsie cake´s pez xmas tree, is amazing!it the cuteste and the coolest idea ever!:D the photo in the beginning of this post is from elsie too:)
found in design is mine

found in creature conforts

this wooden xmas trees, i found in elsie cake's blog, they are from wood & wool stool:)

this little ones, are very cute:) found in clumsy bird

it's all for today, i'm going to try to make a sort of 24 for days of xmas;) i already miss one:p but i'm going to try to make it anyway!


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