Monday, December 21, 2009

December day 21!!

Hellooo! i'm sorry i miss a lot of christmas days this past week:p
i had a lot of things to do, and i didn't have time for blogging...
Today is the first day of WINTER! yes, winter has finally arrived! and this week has been sooo cold.. i almost thought that we could have a little snow storm.. but it didn't happen.. i'm still waiting and wishing a white christmas!;) ehehe
I have been busy doing xmas shopping too! i have only too more presents to find, one for my mom, and one for my uncle... i don't know what to buy.. i'm thinking in a book for my mom and a cd for my uncle, or a chocolate perhaps:)

i have some xmas goodies that i want to share!! some christmas music, and inspiring ideas!

Christmas lights, and photoshoots with them!

sufjan stevens, and his christmas Album!

and finally Nat king Cole song, all i want for christmas is my two front teeth! this is one of my favorite xmas songs! its soo cute and funny:)

4 days for xmas! yay!


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