Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas day 8

good night everyone!
today is 8th of December, and i already have begun my xmas shopping! i already have three presents! And tomorrow i will go to some crazy stores in down town to find some more presents;) I also like some things that i have found in the internet... i love xmas shooping in the internet too, some things we can only find in there..:p some of the most original presents.. i suggest fredflare, etsy, donkey products, urban outfitters or UO UK, The Book Depository, Amazon or Amazon Uk, and Ebay or Ebay Uk of course;)

i am falling in love this mugs, that i found in the internet, in Donkey products... i think it would be a perfect present for my cousins! they will love it!

for my little cousin, i'm thinking in Sylvanian Families, but i don't know what to choose!!!

The Kitties Fisher Family...
Fisher Cat Family - Ref: 59F

or the cream cat family
they have grandparents too!!
Keats Cat Grandparents - Ref: 58GP

the chocolate bunny family!
the doughty dog family!
Doughty Dog Family - Ref: 66F

the Hawthorn family!

the Mulberry Raccoon Family is soooo cute!!

The walnut family!

I don't know which family to choose... when i decide i tell you;)

xmas kisses*

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