Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tea for two and two for tea

good night dahlings:)
I have been missing, a lot of things to do, work and some fun too;)
I have no great news to post, just that i almost found a new job in a bookshop! it would be amazing for me to work in a bookshop, until i found a design job:) but in the end i didn't accept it because of the payment.. they want me to do a full time job, and pay me like a part time one... and i really need the money, soo i will not accept it.. i will find something better, i'm shore of it;)

This week i have ended Dorian Gray book! it was amazing! it's my favourite book! Dorian Gray and wuthering heights! i'm thinkg in start reading Bel-Ami, or Neverwhere from Neil Gaiman.. i love Neil Gaiman books!! like stardust, or American God's, i love the comic book that are written by Mr. Gaiman, and illustrated by Dave Mckean! Dave Mckean's illustrations are awesome!
My favourite cover of Wuthering heigths:)
This is an illustration from the book crazyhair:)

by the way! i need to talk about Coralie Bickford-smith book covers again! she has a new clothbound series that i ned to share with you! i thing i'm going to collect them all!!
They are all absolutely gorgeous and beautiful!!

I have some film news to share too:) i have saw The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and i loved it! eheh i love that kind of child lame adventure films;) it's one of my guilty pleasures! thake a look at the trailer;)

well i'm going to sleep now! work tomorrow...;)


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