Monday, January 4, 2010

first weekend of the year loves

good night everyone:)
I haven't post for a while.. this year my christmas was magical! cause my cousin and his new wife, a cute chinese american girl, came from san diego to spend the xmas with us!:) it was a lovely christmas, and the new year was amazing!! i spend it with some friends in a house of one of them, it was laugh the all time!
And this weekend i spend at home mostly:) watching films and cosy stuff like that;p

i watched 500 days of summer! and i fall in love with it! it's a simple film very cute, and indie:p

Zoeey Deschanel is amazing, i found some beautiful and inspiring photos of her..
she also has a band, she & him, i post about it tomorrow, cause i need to go sleep now :\

see you tomorrow:)

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