Saturday, January 16, 2010

winter weekend nights

good night:)
i'm finally free of work! tomorrow i have no work and monday either! i can do whatever i want!
Tonight i want to: Watch a film! Adventure land maybe or Darjeeling limited:) and then... read Dorian Gray! i'm almost at the end of the book! and it's awesome!! i'm loving it! one of my favourite book:) and finally sleep until 10 a.m or 1 a.m! eheheh;)
I'm going to my granma's house tomorrow with my parents and my sister, to help her clean the attic! i love to go to the attic, and find a thousand old things from my parents and grandparents! a lot of vintage things:)

I've been listening all week the band, The Temper Trap:) they have a very cool and nice sound, take a look ate their site and this video of sweet disposition, that is one of my favourite songs from them;)

ok, i'm going to my film and book now!;)


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