Sunday, October 3, 2010

hello there!
Autumn as definitely arrived! it's more cold and today was a cozy rainy day:) I'm happy! ehehe
I have been sick in the past 3 days, but i'm better now:) my nose still look like an open faucet, but hopefully it will be normal in the next days!;)

today i'm in love with:)
Fiona Apple music!:)

and i'm addicted to this music...;)

and this one too..:)

i also love the ''living in'' posts of Design*Sponge like this one about living in young victoria

or this living in Ámelie! i love it:)

i love the blog rockstar diaries! taza and husband and the cutest couple ever! and they have the funniest and cutest photos:D
their mini instax photos from Paris are the soo cool![photobooth.png]
their weeding was a very cute one!:)[smaller+8.JPG]

well need to go now!


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