Saturday, September 26, 2009

beautiful songs and films!

hi hi there!
this is my first post of this week:p and the week is almost finished... shame on me!
This has been a lovely week:) to be perfect i only need cold weather... i'm really tired of hot weather, i really miss the cold, and the cozy days of Autumn and Winter...
This week i went to the cinema, to watch Inglorious Bastards!This is absolutely a must go to the cinema film :D

I really like Quentin Tarantino's films:)

Another thing i wanna share, is Au revoir Simone a girls band that i discover this past week and just fall in love with... the good think is that they are doing a concert next week in my city!!

They are so lovely, i love the music, it makes me remember, in some ways, another band that i love Broken Social Scene, or a little bit of Air...

I also found a new song from Death Cab For Cutie, a band that i like a lot:) This new song, meet me on Equinox, is from the upcoming film New Moon.
The next video isn't a videoclip, it's just a static image with the song:)

And now something different to finish this saturday post:)
This paint made by miss Elsie Cake!
You can buy it on her store Red Velvet Art:)
I really like this indie artist, and her group of friends of red velvet art:) it's very very cute!

It's all for now:)
Tomorrow i have to post some cute and lovely Autumn outfits that i found in some online stores:)


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