Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Monday..

yellow hello!
It's monday.... it means that i only have one more week of vacations.... at the moment i wish i had more 3 weeks! time runs.. :/
Today i'm very happy! i found a new coffee shop in the historical part of my city!
I'm a coffee lover, and this coffee shop is like Starbucks(starbucks <3):D I love cappuccino, caffe latte, american coffees, hot chocolate... and the interior of this coffee shop is very cosy:) i think this will be a cute space to drink hot chocolate and coffee in the winter!:) My day wasn't really exciting... i have wake up earlier, to have breakfast with a friend of mine, (that's how i found the coffee shop), i love to have breakfast out with friends! Then i came home, and stay, the rest of the day in front of the computer, trying to work in my web portfolio... it was a lazy day:) At the moment, I really miss the Autumn, sooooo today i'm in love with things that makes me remember Autumn... things like....

This Belle and Boo's Autumn Illustration!!
And the school start!!!
I really miss school... and if i have a "school start" this year i would love to...

1*Have this amazing Wizard of Oz lunch-box!!! i found it in Camden Market! you can also buy it in Amazon:)

Wizard of Oz Lunch Box (Rectangular)

2*This beautiful origami-paper patterned notebooks from etsy, would be lovely to write the lessons..

3*i'm also in love with this awesome USB glasses! from fredflare :D

4* I love the colours of Autumn leaves! this stickers from pinktwilight etsy shop are so lovely!

5*I would also be very happy with this coloured tape, pencils, and the funny spyro gyro pen, all from fredflare!!

<--spyro gyro pen! 6*and to get in time for classes... this beautiful vintage Grandpa's pocket watch necklace from Urban Outfitters would certainly help :D

7*Finally, to wear in the first day of school i would choose this American Eagle's plaid pleated skirt!
this is my monday goodies for now!... or Tuesday 2 am goodies:p
have a nice night * *


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